Full Review: Janome Magnolia 7330

janome 7330 review

The Janome Magnolia 7330 is the second most advanced model in the Magnolia line, which caters for entry-level to midrange sewing. Janome has a reputation for impeccable quality and the 7330 Magnolia is no different: a solid intermediate sewing machine with a lot to offer.

Janome Magnolia 7330 Review Summary

Easy to operate, just enough stitches to accomplish most tasks, powerfully built. The Janome 7330 is not a favorite among professional seamstresses for no reason. It delivers.

What I like:

  • powerful machine that can thrust its way through multiple layers
  • easy speed control
  • simple reverse function for backstitching
  • enough stitches to cover most tasks, not hundreds to confuse you
  • can operate without foot pedal
  • simple drop-in bobbin and see-through bobbin housing

What I don’t like:

  • sewing light could be brighter
  • special functions button awkwardly located between reverse and needle up/down buttons

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Full Review

The 7330 is not shy on features and offers all the essentials you need to express yourself. Here’s just a short list of the most important ones:

– memorized needle up/down button
– start/stop
– reverse
– locking stitch
– 30 decorative and utility stitches including 6 one step buttonholes
– computerized stitch selection
– double lift presser for thick fabrics
– LED screen
– speed control slider

Janome is generally a more expensive brand that the popular “mainstream” brands Singer and Brother. This is especially true at the entry level, but there is a reason for that: while lower range Singer and Brother machines are very capable, they do tend to have their share of quirks.

The Janomes tend to be workhorses with little to no quirks to deal with. The 7330 is no exception.

First Look

magnolia 7330

Oooh, pretty flowers!

The Janome Magnolia 7330 has a foot pedal, but can be used without it. The machine’s start/stop button does not function when the foot controls are connected to the machine. A reverse button allows you to sew certain stitches in reverse.

There’s a speed control slider, needle up/down button and an auto-lock button. I’m not going to run through everything on the machine here now: you can take a look at the picture to see all the visible features and controls.


The Janome 7330 offers you 30 computerized stitches. It may sound less than comparable machines from Brother and Singer, but as I can tell you from my personal experience, you only ever end up using a handful of important stitches for most purposes.

The stitch collection of the 7330 covers all the important bases, including 6 one step button holers, overcast stitches, darning stitch and various decorative stitches.


The 7330 features a dead easy top load, drop-in rotary hook bobbin. Yay! No need to remove any bobbin cases or fiddle with accessory trays or any such nonsense on this machine. Lid up, drop bobbin, shut lid, done.

janome 7330 bobbin

The 7330’s see-through bobbin housing helps avoid out of thread surprises.

The clear cover makes it easy to see how much thread is left on the bobbin. This is super important to me, as there are projects where you simply don’t want to run out of thread at any time during the process. Been there, done that, not interested in it happening again. Thanks Janome!

Operating Convenience

It’s wonderful to work with a machine that doesn’t require a foot pedal. I just hit the start button and off I go. I find this useful both for quick fix projects and for sewing longer seams.

I touched on the reverse button earlier, and it is soooo easy to stop whatever pattern you are busy with by using this button. Of course, it makes backstitching a breeze as well.

The sliding speed button is another great feature that allows you to control your sewing speed without breaking a sweat.

The backlit LCD screen is controlled by three simple buttons. That’s it! And it works like a charm. Choosing stitches is a breeze with this machine, and you can also adjust your stitch widths from here.

lcd panel and stitch selection

The easy to use LCD panel and stitch selection.

I can also set the needle up/down position, which to me is one of the most important functions on a sewing machine. It’s just so much easier to keep your stitching straight when you can use the needle down position when you need to stop in mid-stitch for whatever reason.

And then finally, of course, the locking stitch button! Use this to tie off the end of your thread without backstitching over your beautiful decorative stitches or damaging delicate fabrics.


Even stitching…check. Maintains perfect tension…check. The machine feeds the fabric beautifully, and it is so easy to guide it.


The eternal question: can I sew denim with this machine? Yes ma’am, you can. The Janome powers its way through up to 6 layers of denim.

And boy, is it quiet!

Truth. You’ll have no problem carrying a conversation while going at it with this machine, nor will you keep the whole house awake. The Janome 7330 is almost whisper quiet, and the noise it generates is almost more like a reassuring hum than anything else.

It seems sewing machine manufacturers just can’t get the lighting right. The Janome has a decent sewing light, but it could definitely have been a little brighter still.

janome 7330 buttons

Control buttons layout with speed slider.

The button layout could have been better though. As you can see on the image above, the special functions button is nestled between the reverse and needle up/down buttons.

Must…pay…attention…don’t want to hit that special functions button when I need to reverse! This is not a major complaint though.

So, what else?

So, what else do we need to talk about? Yes, the machine has a free arm. No automatic thread cutter, unfortunately, for those who find that important. You control the tension manually with the tension dial, so no automatic tension either. These are not big issues.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Janome 7330 is a wonderful mid-range sewing machine. It can take on heavy tasks (I’ve even seen it sewing thin leather with the correct needle, but I am not comfortable putting the machine through that myself), but it is not to be mistaken for a heavy duty or industrial machine.

Alrighty, I already summarized my thoughts and the pros and cons at the top of this review! The Magnolia 7330 by Janome really is an outstanding sewing machine with very little not to recommend it.

If you want a greater selection of stitches you may have to look elsewhere, but this baby will cope with most sewing tasks and should give you many years of excellent service.

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Here is a professional seamstress talking about her experience with the Magnolia.