Brother SE400 vs Brother PE500

bother se400 vs pe500

A very popular request I get is for a comparison between the Brother SE400 and the Brother PE500. Clearly these are from people who are interested in embroidery and wants an affordable entry-level embroidery/sewing machine.

These are two excellent models from Brother, so it’s no surprise that they’re a popular choice. Let’s do a comparison to help you make a purchase decision.

Brother SE400 vs PE500: The Biggest Difference

The most obvious and biggest difference between the two machines is that the PE500 is strictly an embroidery machine, while the SE400 is a combination sewing/embroidery machine.

In other words, if you want sewing functions in addition to embroidery, your choice is made right here: the SE400 is the machine you want (get a great deal at Amazon).

Embroidery Features

If you’re still reading, you are clearly interested in the embroidery functions and features on offer. Let’s take a look.

Embroidery Area 4×4 4×4
Built-in Embroidery Designs 70 70
Built-In Lettering Fonts 5 5
Built-In Frame Patterns 120 120
Computer Connectivity Yes Yes
Average User Rating Online (out of 5) 4.5 4.5
Average Percentage Satisfied Buyers 89% 88%
Current Price Get Today’s Deal
on Amazon
Get Today’s Deal
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Well, that’s a dead heat, isn’t it? The SE400 and PE500 share identical embroidery features, while their user ratings and level of buyer satisfaction are virtually the same as well.

It really comes down to the original difference: do you want to sew or not?

Brother SE400 and PE500 Price Difference

While pricing will vary, generally you can count on the SE400 being between $50 and $100 more expensive than the PE500. It is only worth spending this extra money if you’re going to use the sewing functions.

If you purely want a beginner embroidery machine, the Brother PE500 is an excellent machine to start with.

If your browser supports it you can view current pricing on the little buttons on the images below.

se400 vs pe500 pe500 vs se400

Otherwise, check Brother SE400 pricing or Brother PE500 pricing manually on Amazon.


There is little to choose between the Brother SE400 and the Brother PE500 apart from the great sewing functions you get additionally, and at an extra price, with the SE400.

Alternatives to Consider

These are beginner embroidery machines. If you’re serious about embroidering you will probably outgrow the 4×4 inch area offered by these machines fairly quickly.

Your next best bet then is the Brother PE770 embroidery machine, which offers a 5×7 inch embroidery area.