Finding the Best Sewing Machine Under $100 for 2017

best sewing machine under $100

**Updated for 2017**

Discover 3 Sub-$100 Sewing Machines With Plenty to Offer

Can you buy a decent sewing machine for under $100? Absolutely, depending of course on what your requirements are.

The models below are perfect for home sewing or for the hobbyist, and especially as beginner machines for anyone wanting to learn the ropes. You should consider something better if you are planning on using your sewing machine for more heavy duty professional purposes – start by checking out machines in the $200 price range. While quite functional, these sub-$100 models offer only basic features and limited stitch range.

First I’m taking a look at the three best mechanical models you can get for the money, and then I will also discuss the only computerized model in this price range.

#1 – Brother XM2701 27-Stitch Full-Featured Sewing Machine

best sewing machine under 100
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Brother’s latest entry-level offering is the outstanding XM2701. It’s only a slight upgrade on the old XL2600i (see below), but is definitely the new go-to sewing machine under $100.

The value on offer is fantastic: 27 built-in stitches, including decorative, zigzag and blind hem stitches. A nice collection of ease-of-use features, like a built-in needle threader, top drop-in bobbin and LED illuminated workspace will help you ease your way through your sewing projects. The 1-step automatic buttonholer doesn’t hurt either.

You also get built-in quilting stitches (not found on the XL2600i) and an extra foot (zigzag). The XM2701 has been a consistent performer with regards to sales, and it maintains the #5 position on the Amazon best sellers list for sewing machines. Brother has another winner on their hands here.

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#2 – Singer 2259 Tradition 19-Stitch Sewing Machine

singer sewing machine under $100

Singer is a trusty old brand, and the 2259 Tradition is a solid little entry-level sewing machine. It does the basics, like straight and zig-zag stitching, extremely well. Singer uses a familiar design and layout that will be easy to get accustomed to for anyone who’s ever used a sewing machine before.

The snap-on presser feet makes things just that little bit easier, and you get 4 of them in the accessory pack. While quite capable in most respects, I’m not convinced by the Singer’s ability to sew heavy fabrics, although you’re not really going to expect too much in that regard from a sewing machine in this price range.

Again, you get simple stitch selection with a dial. The 19 stitches are split between 6 core stitches, 4 stretch stitches, 8 decorative stitches and 1 automatic 4-step buttonholer. That’s a nice little collection that covers all the basics.

With regards to price, the Singer has to compete with the Brother XM2701, and unfortunately there’s nothing about it that stands out enough to recommend it over the Brother, which also earns a higher satisfaction ratio among buyers.

Still, if you have any loyalty towards the Singer brand, you can do a lot worse than this perfectly capable little machine.

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#3 – Brother XM1010 10-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine

brother xm1010

Some years ago, Brother had a fantastic little entry level sewing machine called the LS2125i. It was hugely popular and still shows up on Amazon’s best seller list for sewing machines despite having been discontinued.

The good news is that with the XM1010, Brother is continuing the legacy of that wonderful little machine.

The 10 stitches gets you up and running quickly and includes buttonhole, stretch, straight and blind hem stitches to make sure your basic sewing tasks are covered. The four snap-on feet you get with the machine are zigzag, button sewing, zipper and buttonhole.

Lots of useful little features combine to make this a very good beginner sewing machine package. The top drop-in bobbin is great, adjustable thread tension means you stay in control of your stitches and you get a free arm as well for flexibility.

You can cycle through and select stitches with the easy dial knob.

Despite the price range, this machine feels solid and well worth the $80 – $90 you’ll spend on it.

On the downside, there is no needle threader and the light bulb illuminating your work space is rather dim. The bobbin winder also won’t win any friends and will be tough for people with limited vision abilities to use.

While this is a nifty little sewing machine despite a few flaws, it is hard to recommend it over the excellent Brother XM2701, which costs just $20 or so more. That will be money well spent, believe me.

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Best Sewing Machines Under $100:
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Singer 2259

Brother XM2701

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Verdict: Best Sewing Machine under $100

It’s an easy call. The Brother XM2701 just offers that little bit extra over the other contenders that makes it well worth the extra $10 – $20 investment.

It offers exactly the kind of features and performance you’d expect from an entry-level sewing machine, and is racking up both impressive sales and positive user feedback in this segment. For the money, you can’t buy anything better, and I’m pretty sure it will prove to be just as much of a staple in years to come as the trusty old XL2600i that it replaced.

What About a Computerized Sewing Machine under $100?

singer 5400

Singer has come to the rescue of those looking for a cheap computerized sewing machine by releasing the Singer 5400 Sew Mate.

This is a great value offering in this price range. As you’d expect, the computerized machine offers a lot more stitches than the mechanical ones – a whopping 60. Again, this is only a real perk if you’re going to use them all, which I doubt you ever will.

The good stuff doesn’t end there though – you get an automatic needle threader (bit tricky to sort out but very helpful once you have the hang of it), automatic stitch length and width selection, automatic tension and 4 different fully automatic 1-step buttonholes.

Include a free arm, automatic presser foot pressure and 13 needle positions and you have a very feature rich sewing machine for under $100.

If you prefer computerized sewing machines to mechanical ones, this is about your only option in this price range. It’s not a bad one, although I don’t much like the bobbin assembly (and only use metal bobbins or you’re looking for trouble), and only light duty fabrics are recommended.

A machine for hobbyists or those who want to learn the ropes on a computerized machine without spending a lot of money.

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